hannah (motorcade) wrote,


1. beirut - the flying club cup

2. beirut - lon gisland ep

3. animal collective - strawberry jam

4. panda bear - person pitch

5. cocorosie - the adventures of ghosthorse and stillborn

6. yacht - i believe in you. your magic is real.

7. feist - the reminder

8. sunset rubdown - random spirit lover

9. elliott smith - new moon

10. the good life - help wanted nights

11. tender forever - wider

12. beirut - elephant gun ep (transatlantique)
13. modest mouse - we were dead before the ship even sank (missed the boat)
14. of montreal - hissing fauna, are you the destroyer? (heimdalsgate like a promethean curse)
15. the good, the bad and the queen - the good, the bad and the queen (80s life)
16. mirah and spectratone international - share this place (gestation of the sacred beetle)
17. the bird and the bee - the bird and the bee (la la la)
18. au revoir simone - the bird of music (a violent yet flammable world)
19. the shins - wincing the night away (sleeping lessons)
20. avey tare and kriabrekken - rubeye pullhair (sasong from the regular album, lay lay off, faselam and was onaip from the studio album)

i tried my best to rank these but it was really hard for me. i guess it's ranked BOTH by how much i listened to them and how much i liked them. which seems like DUH because of course you're going to listen more to something you like as opposed to something you don't like. i kind of listened to a few things constantly and way more than the others but the rest of them i listened to in even amounts so that how this works. this makes little to no sense i think.

the 12-20 grouping isn't ranked though but i did pick my favorite songs off the albums to share - if you want me to upload the whole album for you (though i'm sure almost everyone has these already) let me know and i will gladly do it.

anyway, obviously there isn't really a top 11 in the top 10 but i couldn't decide who to leave out so i made it a top 11. i was just going to put panda bear as number 11 and it would have been the only ranked one in the 11-20 grouping because i really wanted him in the top 10 but then i couldn't pick my favorite song off the album so whatever. top 11.

beirut wins this year.

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